Murder in Block, court leaves Elvana Fidan’s fiancé free

A few days after he became self-defeated after he was looking for the murder in Block, Ervin Mata, fiancé of Elvana Long leaves the cell.

The court today ruled on the security measure “imposition obligation” for Matala, despite the fact that the prosecution had requested “imprisonment”.

The killing of the public was shocked on October 4 at the Metropol in one of the most frequented areas of Tirana, respectively in Bllok. At this event Fabiol Gaxha was killed while Ervis Martinaj was wounded with Elion Haton.

As reported, Gaxha was shot dead by command Meviol Bilo as a result of a gun crash between the Ervis Martinaj and Ervin Matas. Shortly before the crime took place, Methane’s wife, Elvana Gjata, was also out of the premises, but after the investigation the police said she had no connection with the event.

Ervis Martinaj, another businessman, remains in jail, while Geldo Hoti, Ajax Boshnjak, Redi Popescu, Fabiol Alushi were released after the arrest. Eljo Hato, also wounded with Martinaj, was also released. The only one in search of the murder is the executioner Merviol Bilo, Elva’s bodyguard and her cousin.